Latest Software Release Notes

A list of the latest release notes for currently supported platforms and the Portal with known issues.

The following links will direct you to specific support pages for each platform.

PeriopSim 2024.01

This is a major release of the PeriopSim Learning System. It introduces new User Interface elements with visual fine tuning across all the PeriopSim Apps. The new subscription system enables Educators to assign Learners by device type, and Shared Mode is now based off of subscriptions. Application User Interfaces have been aligned across platforms including VR for a more consistent experience.


Microsoft Windows: Desktop, Laptop and Tablets including Surface.
Apple Mac OS: Desktop and Laptops
Apple iOS : iPad only (Phone not supported)
Android : Tablet only (Phone not supported)
Google Play Store : Android Tablet & Chromebooks


Microsoft Windows : Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) and HTC VIVE Headsets
HTC Focus 3 All-in-one Headsets

PeriopSim Experience Portal

The web application for account access, profiles and reporting.