Educator Portal Release Notes

2023-10-31 (PeriopSim 2023.03)

  • New one-time password (OTP) authentication for access to learning records on the PeriopSim Web Portal
  • Licenses are now locked after a playthrough of an experience has been completed, ensuring that a license cannot be removed from a subscription.

2022-11-23 (PeriopSim 2022.03)

  • New subscription management system replacing Account Licenses
    • Learners now added to Account and Subscription separately.
    • Subscriptions can have different durations and content in same Account
    • Dashboard now viewed by Subscription
  • Educators can view the Content within a Subscription


  • Added support for Auto Leaderboard submission in Learner profiles
  • Updated content bundles assets to support Android based VR headsets


  • Added learner leaderboard access to portal
  • Minor UI updates to portal
  • Security updates
  • Released reports, activities and leaderboards for educators out of Beta


  • Security updates
  • Improved login security
  • Support for PeriopSim desktop apps
  • Updated links for learner progress information


  • Updated architecture to improve speed and reliability
  • Learner Progress reports added to provide learners with how they are progressing in their specialties. Report includes
    • Learner's current level
    • How many experiences they have performed on each bundle


  • Updated icon and colors
  • Added 'My Activity' to allow learners to view previous experience results
  • Added new 'Dashboard'
    • Added subscriptions stats and license info
    • Added weekly activity graphs
    • Added learner competency chart
    • Added clinical experiences chart
  • Changed 'Settings' to 'User Management'
  • Split 'Data Sets' into 'Leaderboards' and 'Experiences'
  • Changed 'Students' to 'Reports'


  • Updated invitation link expiry to have additional information
  • Update link expiry to allow for link scanners to not auto-expiry links


  • Fix missing headers from csv files
  • Add additional license information to settings page
  • Allowed left panel to scroll with content
  • Added module information to overview page


  • Added filtering of stats for either Tablet or VR
  • Fixed reports for exporting to csv missing some data


  • Added invitation email to managers inviting other managers


  • Fixes for Internet Explorer displaying extra clear icons on text entries
  • Updates for welcome emails and invitation emails