PeriopSim PC-Based VR Release Notes


1.1.4 Release July 2022

  • Improved error messages on login, create account and forgot password
  • Add descriptive text with instruction when forgot password form used
  • Filter students by group in shared mode
  • Change hold time for surgeon to 1.5s 
  • Change placeholder text on shared mode button to “Change User”
  • Fix instruments colliding on back table


    1.1.3 Release October 2021

    • AutoSubmit to Leaderboards
      • Users can now enable Auto Leaderboard submission via a Profile setting. When enabled the application will submit the user's experience score to Leaderboards annotated with the Initials and Facility identifiers set in their Profile without further confirmation.
    • LetsEncrypt Certificate Compatibility
      • A update to certificate processing was made to enable use of the new LetsEncrypt Root certificate. The previous certificate expired September 30th 2021 and PeriopSimVR did not automatically switch to using the new certificate.

    1.1.0 January 2021

    • Submit to Leaderboards
    • Downloadable OR Room Layouts


    Oct 1, 2019

    • Thoracic OR environment added for thoracic surgeries


    Aug 30, 2019

    • Fix for hang when using multiple windows users attempting to access content downloaded by another windows user
    • Minor statistics logging fixes for data normalization


    June 1, 2019

    • Initial Release