PeriopSim Focus 3 All-In-One VR Release Notes

Release notes for the All-in-one version of PeriopSimVR


1.1.2 Release October 2022

  • Logout now requires confirmation
  • Increased reliability in selecting Learner from Shared Group list
  • Shared Mode now displays group name along with currently active Learner
  • Clarified Menu buttons to better reflect action when in Single or Shared Mode. 
  • Fixed issue with selecting Shared Mode group when there are multiple accounts
  • Other minor fixes

1.1.1 Release July 2022

  • Added Shared mode functionality
  • Add Sterile Field (dropping hands beneath table) violation
  • Improved error messages on login, create account and forgot password
  • Add descriptive text with instruction when forgot password form used
  • Filter students by group in shared mode
  • Fix instruments colliding on back table
  • Fix texture issue on instruments when highlighted
  • Change hold time for surgeon to 1.5s 
  • Add PeriopSim splash screen

1.1.0 Release February 2022

  • Initial release support HTC Vive Focus 3
    • Users can now use PeriopSimVR on a HTC Vive Focus 3 all-in-one headset..
  • Known Issues
    • Login in screen displays password in plain text.
    • Cannot reposition cursor from text end during text entry.
    • Auto-Submit feature is not supported.