How to get Started with PeriopSimVR

Resources to download PeriopSimVR, Installation and Setup and how to start using the app.

Welcome to starting the set-up of PeriopSim VR. All of this information is available throughout the Help Center but this article provides a short list to follow.

  • To set up PeriopSimVR you will need your VR system (PC & Headset), a suitable internet connection (some downloads are rather large) and about 30-45 mins to reach your first playthrough completion!
  • There are two currently supported systems Windows Mixed Reality and HTC's Vive. There are separate articles on each systems' installation instructions. 

Please follow the instructions carefully and perform the steps in sequence.  While some steps may be performed in a different order it makes it very difficult to both ensure your system is setup correctly and to correct any issues found.

    Periopsim VR Setup

    • While there are two systems the PeriopSimVR application build is identical.

    The PeriopSimVR application is available via PeriopSim's own download location and not through third party application stores.

    • A quick link to the PeriopSimVR application download is PeriopSimVR Download Page
    • Once you have following the installation instructions and resolved any issues you will be able to use PeriopSimVR for the first time
    • If you are trying it out and do not have a subscription you can create a Free Account and see some preview content.
    • The Free Account can be created by entering a valid email (to get passwords details) at the apps launch screen.
    • Once you have set up the account and logged in you should see a set of modules which you can download individually. Try the PeriopSimVR Tutorial to get a flavour of how to use the application.

    The application uses content that is subscribed to and downloaded from PeriopSim Servers. It requires Internet access to login and to download, however, once downloaded the content is cached for future use including offline.

    • Here are a couple of  short videos of the overall experience with PeriopSimVR

    7254 - PeriopSim HP video