Getting Started with PeriopSim VR for HTC VIVE Focus 3

The HTC VIVE Focus 3 is a business oriented VR headset and as such has a number of management options including open access through to managed device, and restricted application access through kiosk mode

Please refer to your organizations IT department for guidance on how your Focus 3 should be configured and managed. Options available include:

Setting up VIVE Focus 3 for individuals, teams, and small businesses

Setting up your headset for business and enterprise

If you are using Enterprise deployment, Batch Configuration files or sideloading and need a Non-DRM APK, the latest release of PeriopSim for Focus 3 can be downloaded from PeriopSimVR_Focus3_Latest

Focus 3 Setup

Detailed information on Focus 3 setup can be found on HTC's website here:  Specific information on setup is under the Unboxing category. Please note:  The fastest way to set up your Focus 3 is via manual setup. From the Welcome screen. press and hold the Headset button for three seconds located on the front left side of the headset. 

Connecting to a Guest Wi-Fi with a terms and conditions web page

When attaching to Guest Wi-Fi networks you may need to accept terms and conditions via a web page before access is granted. If the headset does not redirect to the web page automatically you can often trigger the page by launching the pre-loaded web VIVE browser application and attempt to go to any web page and it should redirect to the
Wi-Fi terms and conditions page.

Please be aware that new Focus 3 headsets will more than likely require numerous firmware updates. Firmware updates for the headset and controllers are independent of one another. For more information on performing firmware updates go here:

For the latest firmware version release notes:

Installing PeriopSim VR for HTC Focus 3: VIVE Business AppStore

PeriopSim VR is a free application and the recommended method of accessing the application is through the HTC Business App Store via web browser. Further instructions on installing from the HTC Business App Store can be found here:

Installing PeriopSim VR for HTC Focus 3 Without an App Store

The following information will guide you through the process of manually updating the PeriopSim VR App using an APK file for Enterprise deployment, creating batch configuration files or sideloading