Installing PeriopSim VR for HTC Focus 3

The HTC Vive Focus 3 is a business oriented VR headset and as such has a number of management options including open access through to managed device and kiosk restricted application access.

Please refer to your organizations IT department for guidance on how your Focus 3 should be configured and managed. Options available include:

Setting up VIVE Focus 3 for individuals, teams, and small businesses

Setting up your headset for business and enterprise


Focus 3 Setup

Detailed information on Focus 3 setup can be found on HTC's website here:

Specific information on setup is under the Unboxing category.

Installing PeriopSim VR 

PeriopSim VR is a Free application and the recommended method of accessing it is via web browser access to the Business Store see: 

PeriopSim VR is located at


Access to the Business Store will require a free HTC account unless your organization has already established an HTC organizational account.


See the VR Troubleshooting guide if any issues are found during this process or contact