Installing PeriopSim VR for Windows Mixed Reality

PeriopSim VR is available for PC VR users. This article has instructions on how to install the application.

In order to run PeriopSim VR using a Windows Mixed Reality headset it will require the Windows Mixed Reality Application installed on your PC

Windows Mixed Reality Headset Setup

Setting up a Mixed Reality Headset requires Windows 10 version 1709 or newer. It is recommended to have version 1803 or newer. To configure the headset, plugin the HDMI and USB cables into the computer. This should launch the Windows Mixed Reality Portal application. If it does not, click on the start button and type Mixed Reality Portal to find the app and start it. On first setup it will ask you to connect the controllers and perform the Room Setup.

Connecting Controllers

Controllers are connected to the computer using Bluetooth. To start the controllers, press and hold the Windows button on the controller until it lights up. First setup will require the controller to be paired. Follow the on screen instructions in the Portal for your Headset on how to pair the controllers with your computer.

Room Setup

PeriopSim will require space, minimum 6 feet by 6 feet, to allow the user to move their hands to pickup and pass instruments as well as take some small steps and turn around to access parts of the operating room. It is recommended to setup the headset for Standing configuration. The Mixed Reality Portal can be used to setup the room by clicking on the left side icons and then clicking on "Room Setup". Follow the on screen instructions.

Adjusting Floor Height

After the room is setup or after moving the computer, it is recommended to check the floor height and adjust if necessary. To do this run the "Floor Adjustment" app or "Room Adjustment" app from within VR using the Windows headset. The app can be found by pressing the Windows button on the controller, selecting All Apps, pressing the down arrow until the app is found. Click on the app using the trigger button on the controller. This will create a 3D object in the VR space. Place this object by pulling the trigger again the point at the object and pull the trigger once more to launch the app. This object will be available in the room for future adjustments and will not require the menu to launch it.

When in the purple room, place one of the controllers on the floor pointing down flat. Then use the circular track pad on the other controller (clicking the top or bottom of the track pad) to raise or lower the floor until it is flush with the bottom of the controller that is on the floor. You can then pick up the controller and click on the floating gem to save the floor height and exit the app.

Installing PeriopSim VR

The latest version of PeriopSim VR can be downloaded here. Once the .exe file is downloaded run the installer. It will provide a warning. Click on "More" then click on "Run Anyway". After the installation has completed it will run PeriopSim VR.

PeriopSim VR can be run from the desktop shortcut created during the installation. Running PeriopSim VR should automatically launch Windows Mixed Reality Portal.

For further information please see the following references:

  1. See the VR Troubleshooting guide if any issues are found during this process or contact
  2. HP's Set-up for HP Reverb Headset HP Reverb Setup
  3. Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality troubleshooting guide Troubleshooting WMR