Traveling VR Demo Kit - Getting Started with PeriopSim VR

Once the headset has been setup, it's now time to start PeriopSim VR. We want you to have the best experience possible with PeriopSim VR, so please follow these instructions and enjoy!

  1. Before getting started with PeriopSim VR, make sure you have followed the Setup Instructions for HTC VIVE Focus 3
  2. After you have finished setting up your room boundary and connected to your local Wi-Fi network, you will be in the HTC lobby. Select PeriopSim from the HTC Library menu 


  3. From the PeriopSim OR lobby, you will be prompted to either create a new account or log in. Choose log in and enter in your email address and the password you created when you were sent the Educator Invitation email. If you have not received your Welcome PeriopSim Educator email please check your spam box. If you still cannot locate the email please let your Sales Representative know and we will send out another invite.
  4. Once logged in, you will be presented with two options, "Start as Single User" or "Configure Shared Mode" Logging in as a Single User will be the easiest way to experience PeriopSim VR. 
  5. If multiple people will be experiencing PeriopSim VR, consult with your Sales Representative for further information on organizing the demo account. How to use Shared Mode can be found here
  6. After you have selected Single User or Shared Mode, you will be presented with the module menu. Click on the arrow next to Tutorials and download the PeriopSim VR Tutorial. Make sure you play through the tutorial before starting your journey in PeriopSim VR!

In the PeriopSim VR Tutorial, you will learn about -

  • How to exit the PeriopSim module experience and return to the PeriopSim Lobby
  • How to exit PeriopSim VR and return to the main HTC Lobby
  • How to pick instruments up and pass multiple instrument requests
  • Correct and incorrect passing and what the color coded responses mean
  • Sterile field violations