Sharing Devices - Setup Shared Mode

Shared Mode for PeriopSim

If learners are arranged into groups, the educator has the option to set up Shared Devices. The sharing of devices is often used in situations where the device are either available in common access areas, libraries, teaching rooms or in a classroom setting. It also allows the learners to login without needing to have access to Internet/Wifi. 

In this case the educator logs into their device, selects setup Shared Mode and selects a group of students to use that particular device. The setup Shared mode option only appears when an account educator logs in.

The device now displays a Shared mode screen which enables individual students to access the subscribed content. The students select their name from the authorized list of users and enters a unique pin number that they or their educator has assigned to them.

The device stays in Shared mode and can only be used by that Group of students until an account educator turns off the Shared mode.

While in Shared mode the individual students have the same educational experience as a student logging in individually. In fact students who are registered in an account can also login as an individual user on their own device and access the same subscribed account. Shared mode only applies to the educator controlled devices.

Shared Mode for PeriopSim VR

The advantage of the Shared mode is that you can switch quickly between learners whilst using PeriopSim VR and still be able to track your learners' individual progress.

Instructions for Shared Mode on PeriopSim VR
  • Open the application
  • Log into your account as an Educator.
  • Log into shared mode
  • Select the group of learners who are in the session
  • This will bring up your learners in your group
  • A learner can then click on their name and enter their 4 digit pin number
  • Once a learner has completed a module they can come back to the group and the second learner can repeat the process.
  • On completion of the session, you will need to logout of shared mode.

Note: Shared mode only applies to the educator controlled devices.