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Where do I download the PeriopSim App from?

Below you will find the list of currently supported platforms including app installation instructions and release notes

The following links will direct you to specific support pages for each platform.

You may use a mixture of devices in any of the platforms in the same application type, PeriopSim or PeriopSimVR. For example you may use both your Windows laptop and your iPad to experience the same PeriopSim content.



Microsoft Windows: Desktop, Laptop and Tablets including Surface.
Apple Mac OS: Desktop and Laptops
Apple iOS : iPad only (Phone not supported)
Android : Tablet only (Phone not supported)
Google Play Store : Android Tablet & Chromebooks

PeriopSim for VR

Microsoft Windows : Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) and HTC Vive Headsets
All-In-One: HTC Vive Focus 3