Arranging students into Groups?

PeriopSim allows you to arrange your students into Groups and Cohorts in various ways to suit your training and education needs. There are some rules to creating and managing students, groups, subscriptions and accounts.

1. One Account - One set of subscribed content.

All students belonging to an account will have access to the licensed and subscribed content of that account regardless of the groups within that accounts.

2. One Account - Multiple Groups

An account can contain a number of different groups of students.

3. One Student - Multiple accounts

A student (User) can be a member of multiple accounts simultaneously.

4. One Student - Multiple Groups

A student (User) can be a member of multiple accounts simultaneously.

Using these rules many different, and sometimes complex, educational structures can be constructed. Some, however, of the more common ones are:

  • A single account with a pool of students. Students have access as an individual user to an iPad and log in each time to access the subscribed content.
  • A single account is created with a pool of students. Students are grouped according to their cohort. This does not generally affect the student but enables manager or educator to place the students into logical groups. If students are arranged in Groups then the manager can enable Shared mode on their iPads enabling a single iPad to be used by individuals from that group. See Sharing iPads
  • Multiple Accounts - Multiple Groups. In this case an Educator has multiple groups who need access to different sets of subscribed content. The Educator is a manager of each of accounts which has its own subscription. The students are placed in every account that they need access to but more commonly they are in one account. This is used for larger departments which train and educate student populations in differing specialisms.