Where can I see my Progress or Activity?

I want to review my progress and activity but cannot see it?

The PeriopSim Learning system has two components.


Experience Players which are apps they run of PCs, Laptops, iPads, etc. and enable you to experience one of the education modules. These gather information of how you did, accuracy of instrument identification, speed of response and send it to a central server.

We send it to a server because you can use one, two or more devices to generate experience results and to share it with your educator so they can help you and monitor your progress.

For your convenience both the Web Portal (server) and the Device Applications use the same login email and password.

See your results, activity and change your password. Use the PeriopSim Web Portal at PeriopSim Portal


To playthrough an Experience Education module use an app. Installation instructions  for various supported devices are here PeriopSim Supported Devices