Network Error Logging in to PeriopSim for VR

PeriopSim for VR fails to connect to the PeriopSim System when you try to establish a new login. The error message says Network Error even though you may be able to login to PeriopSim for Tablet and PC. You may see a certificate error message



The PeriopSim Learning System uses secure, encrypted connections to the PeriopSim Learning System. These connections are protected by the exchange of a secure certificate from a trusted source to confirm the identity of the servers involved.

These certificates are certified by companies which publish Root Certificates which are installed in Operating System on devices. These Root certificates have expiry dates after which they cannot be used. Usually when a certificate expires there is already a new one to replace it and certificate issuers manage this transition. 

Some times the Root Certificates are not updated (on older devices) or the requests from the applications and the responses from the servers leads to the use of an old, expired certificate.

On September 30th 2021 a root certificate expired affecting certificates form LetsEncrypt which PeriopSim uses as its certificate issuer.  Lets Encrypt Root Certificate Expiry While most PeriopSim applications and connection transferred seamlessly to the new certificate a few device, operating system combinations did not including PeriopSim for VR on Windows PCs.



A new release (Release Notes ) is available at the regular PeriopSimVR download page

All PeriopSimVR customers must upgrade to this version to restore service. This version may be installed over the previous version.