LetsEncrypt Root Certificate Issues

Network access and security issues that appeared when LetsEncrypt's Root Certificate expired September 30th 2021.

On September 30th 2021 after over two years of planning LetsEncrypt's Root certificate switched and the previously used DST Certificate finally expired.

Although we had planned for this and our PeriopSim Systems should have seamlessly switched over there have been reports of some issues as summarized below. We will update this article as the situation unfolds.

MAJOR - PeriopSimVR fails to Authenticate Users

PeriopSimVR fails to authenticate and reports a Network Failure and stops PeriopSimVR users from logging on. 

A V1.1.3 release (Release Notes) has been made and is available at the PeriopSimVR Download Site and all PeriopSimVR customers must upgrade to the new versions as soon as possible. This version may be installed over the existing version.

PeriopSim Website Not Secure

Some Mac users have reported that the main PeriopSim website certificate fails to authenticate and reports the site an Not Secure. While you can still chose to disregard and access the site we are currently investigating to see if we can remove this Warning.

Most Mac users and PC users are unaffected.

Older Unsupported Devices no longer work

Root certificates are distributed by operating system and device manufacturers as part of the operating system installation and update process. This means that the new LetsEncrypt certificate may not be available on older devices which are not receiving operating system updates.. There is a list of compatible operating systems at this link LetsEncrypt Certificate Compatibility

Generally the affected devices are ones which are outside of PeriopSim's supported device and operating systems but may have been able to be used with PeriopSim. These devices will no longer be able to access PeriopSim and will received a Network Error on attempting to log in.

Users of affected device are encouraged to see if their device can be upgraded to a compatible operating system version level.