HTC VIVE Focus 3 - Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have the best experience with the HTC VIVE Focus 3! The following summary of FAQ's is to help provide you with a seamless experience

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  How do I pair the controllers for the HTC Focus 3? 

Answer: If you need to change controllers or pair controllers again, you can pair them in the Settings menu

Question: I charged my controllers but they are low on power? 

Answer: When charging controllers through the headset, it is important to remember the headset must be powered on in order to charge the controllers. To make sure the controllers are being charged, look for the orange light on the controllers which will verify charging

Question:  How do I turn off or power down the controllers for the HTC VIVE Focus 3?

Answer: To power down the controllers, press and hold the Menu button on the left controller and the VIVE button on the right controller for 2 seconds. You can verify if the controllers are powered down by the absence of vibration or lights when picking up. 

Question:  How do I turn off or power down the HTC VIVE Focus 3?

Answer: While wearing the headset, shut down the device by pressing and holding the headset button for 3 seconds to shut down the headset. The headset button can be found on the front left side of the headset.

Question: How do I turn on the cameras so I can see my surroundings? 

Answer: Passthrough mode allows you to see your physical environment while you have the VR headset on. Simply double click the Headset button located on the left side of the headset to activate. Note: Once a boundary has been created the VR headset will automatically default to passthrough mode when the boundary is approached or broken 

Question: Can I turn off Neutral Zone training and Sterile field support in VR?

Answer: Yes! The options to apply or turn off the sharp zone safety, sterile field support, and never happen events can be applied in the PeriopSim Experience Portal under User Management. More information can be found here