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What is PeriopSim?

Surgical Training and Assessment for Perioperative RNs and STs

PeriopSim is a Surgical Simulation-based Training and Assessment platform (delivered on Desktop/Tablet or in Virtual Reality) designed specifically for Perioperative Educators to use in training Perioperative RNs and Surgical Technologists (STs).   

The PeriopSim platform has a web accessible Experience Portal where learners and educators can access and view learning performance data.  When a learner logs into a PeriopSim Learning Client (Windows, Mac, Android Tablet, Chromebook, Windows Tablet, HTC VIVE Products for VR and HP Reverb VR) and runs through a simulation, the experience data from that simulation is recorded and is viewable in the Experience Portal.  Educators also have the ability to manage learners within the platform.