What is a procedure play through?

A procedure play through is a learning set which is designed to teach the recognition by name and image of instruments as used in the context of a specific surgical procedure.

You will be presented with a tray of instruments at the bottom of the screen and and a work area at the top of the screen.

A video of the surgical procedure will then play in the upper area of the screen. As the video approaches the need for a surgical instrument a target zone will be displayed.

This gives you the opportunity to anticipate the next instrument and to drag and drop it into the target zone before cues are given.

If you do not know the next instrument - do not guess - wait for the cues. Passing the correct instrument later is always better than passing an incorrect instrument.

If you wait, the video will automatically pause and you will then be presented with a set of cues to select and drag a particular instrument to the target zone.

The program also keeps a score to measure your recognition and performance. After anticipation (in advance of cues) the score decreases based on your reaction time to the initial audio cue and how quickly you drop the correct instrument onto the target zone.

Audible feedback (correct or incorrect) will let you know the results of your selection. You cannot proceed until the correct instrument is passed to the target zone. Once the correct instrument is passed the video will continue until the next instrument is needed.

When the procedure has been completed and all of the instruments have been passed correctly you will be shown your total score which can be added to a Leaderboard of scores from other people and play throughs of the same surgical procedure.