I keep bumping into real walls and desks

It is important to have the correct room center setup for your VR System

An incorrect room setup can cause the user to bump into real world objects and walls as well as not be able to reach instruments in PeriopSim VR. PeriopSim requires approximately 7' by 7' to allow for proper reach to all virtual objects.

Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality headsets can be setup for both room scale and seated/standing mode. When setup for room scale a virtual wall will be shown approximately 1 foot from the wall. In standing mode there is no indication when you will could bump into a wall. It is best to setup for room scale but standing mode can be used as well.

In order to re-setup your room, open the Mixed Reality Portal from the start menu. On the left hand side click on the room icon on the left side then Setup Room Boundaries. This will start the processes of room setup over again. If selecting standing mode, try to keep the headset as far from the computer as possible while not obstructing the cameras on the headset and then click the center button on the computer screen.

After room setup is completed, the floor height may be off. The floor height can adjusted by changing the floor height from within the Windows Mixed Reality Portal.