Traveling Demo Kit - Setup Instructions & Feedback

We want you to have the best experience with the Traveling PeriopSim Demo Kit while you have it! We hope these instructions make it so!

  1. Plugin USB-C into the second slot on the right side of the laptop.
  2. Plugin HDMI into the left side of the laptop.
  3. Windows Mixed Reality will automatically open with the successful plugin of the above cords.  
  4. Turn on the controllers. To get familiar with the controller buttons click here.
  5. Follow the instructions when you put on the headset and you'll be ask to setup the room. 
  6. Take the headset off now that the VR space has been setup.  Setting the Room Height.
  7. Double click on PeriopSim VR. 
  8. PeriopSim will launch on the laptop.  Peek in the headset to see if the PeriopSim is loaded into the VR goggles. 
  9. On the laptop you will be prompted to either create a new account or Login.  Choose Login and enter in your email and the password you created when you were sent the Educator Login email. 
  10. Put on the headset and use the controller to select Single User  Arranging learners into Groups?
  11. Next choose the Tutorial and once completed you can try any other module!  
  12. Have fun!  Use this survey with the people you demo to, we'll share the results with you!  


Troubleshooting FAQ:


Question:  Why is the floor too high or too low?



Question: How do I get back to PeriopSim from the house?



Question: The headset isn't turning on after it was plugged into the laptop, how do I fix this?  

Answer: Double check that the connector on the headset is plugged in correctly and into the laptop correctly.  If that doesn't work, unplug the Headset, Reboot the Laptop and once the Laptop starts up, plug in the Windows MR Headset again, set the room and floor if asked.  Afterwards load PeriopSim.  


Question: I am in a menu but how do I get back to PeriopSim?



Question: When I am in PeriopSim I am bumping into walls, how do I fix this?



Question: I can't pick up an instrument, what do I need to do?

Answer: The most likely solution is that you need to get closer.  Sometimes for small instruments it's a little tricker to pick them up.  If you are having issues, do reach out to us in the chat with the experience name and the instrument name and we'll see if there is something else that is happening.  


Question: Why did my tool fall out of my hands? 

Answer: Please make sure your hand is on the tool and press the back trigger to grab it. 


Question: Why can I not hear sound  from the VR headset speakers?

Answer: Please press the Windows button on the controller this will give you a menu. The volume bar is at the bottom of the menu screen 


Question: Why is it asking for batteries to be replaced?

Answer: The controllers require batteries to operate.  There should be some new batteries in the case that you can use to replace them.  If the batteries low error screen is not going away, try turning on and off the controllers by holding down the windows button on them.  If that doesn't work, try rebooting the computer.


Question: Why is the laptop not turning on?

Answer: The power cable has a block that sometimes has a connector that gets loose.  Double check that the cable is plugged in well.  Also check your battery source.


Question: Why is the experience in PeriopSim really choppy?

Answer: First double check that that laptop is plugged in.  Sometimes the cable couple be plugged into a bad outlet or the cable is disconnected to the AC Adapter.  If that doesn't resolve the issue, you can check the Windows System Monitor because there may be something in the background that is taking up the CPU.  Contact us via the Chat to let us know if you are running into this.