PeriopSim VR is running but I can't see it in my VR Headset

PeriopSim VR requires the headset to be connected correctly to your PC. Check the following list for possible issues. If your symptom is not listed, try restarting your computer or checking the setup instructions to make sure your computer is ready.

Headset Connectivity

If the headset is not showing make sure that all connections on the headset are connected to the computer. Disconnect the cables and reconnect them to ensure they are connected well, checking that all cables on the headset are connected and seated correctly. It is also recommended to shutdown PeriopSim VR and Windows Mixed Reality Portal before disconnecting any cables.  After re-connecting the cables, re-launch PeriopSim VR.

Is Mixed Reality Portal Running (Windows MR only)

Check to see if the Windows Mixed Reality Portal is running. If it is not, click on the start menu and type in "Mixed Reality Portal" and run the app found. If it does not startup correctly, try re-starting your computer and then try again.