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PeriopSim for MS Windows Release Notes

Frequent questions and known issues - a living list

1.1.5 Release July 2022

  • The Instrument Dropzone has been enlarged to match the video payback area.
  • Updated color scheme
  • Enhanced user messages on login/password reset
  • Support for Windows 11
  • PeriopSim is delivered as a UWP build but which is not available for releases prior to Windows 10. A standalone version is available if you wish to install it see Using standalone in Windows 8.1



1.1.2 Release August 2021

  • Auto Leaderboard Submission
  • Minor Issues resolved
    • Better Pause selection during transitions between menus and Experiences.
    • Interpretation of scroll when Instrument already selected
    • Reduced time from Experience selection to Experience start
    • Learner name is now displayed correctly in Shared Mode
    • Learner names now reflect the selected group in Shared Mode.

1.1.1 Release May 2021

  • Microsoft App Store
  • Minor Issues resolved
    • Playthroughs would challenge for the incorrect first instrument after using Pause in a prior playthrough
    • Playthrough would report an incorrect time for the first instrument after using Pause in a prior playthrough.


    1.1.0 Release January 2021

    • Pause/Resume
    • Minor Issues resolved
      • Use of PIN instead of Password is now rejected
      • Image sizes have been adjusted to better match users screen resolution
      • Updated the format of error messages on login, creation and password recovery to better describe network conditions which may have lead to the function failing.
      • Clarifications in Leaderboard submission panel to reinforce that leaderboard does not impact submission of experience results.