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PeriopSim for MS Windows Release Notes

Frequent questions and known issues - a living list

1.2.0 Release March 2024 [PeriopSim for non-Store PC Standalone]

Major revision to UX - new branding, color and layout.

Updated Features:

  • Visual fine tuning of the User Interface
  • Shared Mode now operates on Subscription membership as opposed to a separate group
  • Subscriptions and Experiences are constrained by device type
  • Learner are locked to a subscription after activating by performing an Experience playthrough

1.1.7 Release March 2023 [PeriopSim for non-Store PC Standalone]

Issues Fixed:

    Resolved access to modules which resulted in a White screen. This affected some PC configurations in which the PC was used by multiple Windows users. 

    Any device which may encounter multiple Window user login is advised to be updated to this version using the following procedure.
    • Uninstall the current PeriopSim version.
    • Delete the remaining "user_Data" folder located in "C:\Program Files\PeriopSim" 
    • Install PeriopSim version 1.1.7 for windows from PeriopSim_Latest_Standalone_Setup
    • Launch PeriopSim, log in, and download Experiences to rebuild the content cache

    1.1.6 Release February 2023

    • New Experience Management Menu to remove downloaded Experiences from the device.
    • Experience downloads can now be stopped and resumed.
    • Experience updates are no longer automatic. An Update available alert is displayed and the Learner can select when to download.

    Minor Updates and Issues Resolved

      • A loading spinner is displayed if retrieving the Learner’s Experience information from the PeriopSim Server takes too long.
      • Experience access is refreshed when accessing Experience selection menu
      • Warning alert when attempting to download an Experience while offline
      • Experience status icons sometimes misrepresented actual state

    1.1.5 Release July 2022

    • The Instrument drop zone has been enlarged to match the video payback area.
    • Updated color scheme
    • Enhanced user messages on login/password reset
    • Support for Windows 11
    • PeriopSim is delivered as a UWP build but which is not available for releases prior to Windows 10. A standalone version is available if you wish to install it see Using standalone in Windows 8.1

    1.1.2 Release August 2021

    • Auto Leaderboard Submission
    • Minor Issues resolved
      • Better Pause selection during transitions between menus and Experiences.
      • Interpretation of scroll when Instrument already selected
      • Reduced time from Experience selection to Experience start
      • Learner name is now displayed correctly in Shared Mode
      • Learner names now reflect the selected group in Shared Mode.

    1.1.1 Release May 2021

    • Microsoft App Store
    • Minor Issues resolved
      • Playthroughs would challenge for the incorrect first instrument after using Pause in a prior playthrough
      • Playthrough would report an incorrect time for the first instrument after using Pause in a prior playthrough.


      1.1.0 Release January 2021

      • Pause/Resume
      • Minor Issues resolved
        • Use of PIN instead of Password is now rejected
        • Image sizes have been adjusted to better match users screen resolution
        • Updated the format of error messages on login, creation and password recovery to better describe network conditions which may have lead to the function failing.
        • Clarifications in Leaderboard submission panel to reinforce that leaderboard does not impact submission of experience results.