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PeriopSim for Android Tablets Release Notes

Frequent questions and known issues - a living list

1.2.0 Release March 2024 [PeriopSim for Android Tablets]

Major revision to UX - new branding, color and layout

Updated Features:

  • Visual fine tuning of the User Interface
  • Shared Mode now operates on Subscription membership as opposed to a separate group
  • Subscriptions and Experiences are constrained by device type
  • Learner are locked to a subscription after activating by performing an Experience playthrough

1.1.6 Release February 2023

  • New Experience Management Menu to remove downloaded Experiences from the device.
  • Experience downloads can now be stopped and resumed.
  • Experience updates are no longer automatic. An Update available alert is displayed and the Learner can select when to download.

Minor Updates and Issues Resolved

    • A loading spinner is displayed if retrieving the Learner’s Experience information from the PeriopSim Server takes too long.
    • Experience access is refreshed when accessing Experience selection menu
    • Warning alert when attempting to download an Experience while offline
    • Experience status icons sometimes misrepresented actual state

Minimum supported version 4.4 (API19)+

1.1.5 Release July 2022

  • Enlarged Dropzone area matching video playback area
  • Minor Issues resolved
    • Updated color scheme
    • Enhanced user messages on login/password reset
  • Minimum supported version 4.4 (API19)+

1.1.1 Release May 2021

  • Auto Leaderboard submission
  • Minor Issues resolved
    • Playthroughs would challenge for the incorrect first instrument after using Pause in a prior playthrough
    • Playthrough would report an incorrect time for the first instrument after using Pause in a prior playthrough.

1.1.0 Release January 2021

  • Pause/Resume
  • Minor Issues resolved
    • Use of PIN instead of Password is now rejected
    • Image sizes have been adjusted to better match users screen resolution
    • Updated the format of error messages on login, creation and password recovery to better describe network conditions which may have lead to the function failing.
    • Clarifications in Leaderboard submission panel to reinforce that leaderboard does not impact submission of experience results


1.0.0 Release September 2020 

  • Added submit to leaderboards
  • Added a launch link to the leaderboards on the Learning Portal
  • Minor Issues resolved
    • Progress bar did not fill if no points scored
    • Drag/Drop/Scroll – now only allows a single input at a time
    • Menu stayed open onto debrief screen if clicked open at end of experience
    • Login Error message for invalid username/password changed to more user-friendly message
    • Add confirmation dialog popup for logout
    • Limit Browser open when clicking area past username in topbar