PeriopSim Accessibility Policy

This article outlines PeriopSim support for accessibility.

The PeriopSim Learning System consisting of the PeriopSim Web Portal, Experience Clients and Apps, along with this support site all form a system which provides simulation based experiential vocational training and education.

As a vocational education system for potential and employed Perioperative Clinical Staff our product is developed to support the training of those who are qualified to be employed in the Scrub role.

The Scrub role involves many aspects of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional stressors in an Operating Room. These requirements preclude the majority of accessibility features as those users would not meet the standard of employability.

Select Scrub Role Requirements Summary:

  • A high degree of vision, with correction as needed, to enable precise identification,  assembly and manipulation of instruments while wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • A high degree of hearing to understand muffled communication or equipment signals without visualization of the communicator's lips, within 20 feet while both are wearing PPE.
  • Communicate and understand fluent English both verbally and in writing.
  •  Use fine motor skills and manual dexterity needed to operate surgical supplies, instruments, and equipment such as threading suture onto needles.
  • Possess short- and long-term memory sufficient to perform tasks such as counting and tracking instruments, mentally tracking surgical supplies and responding to instruction and direction during surgery
  • Able to make appropriate judgment decisions.
  • Demonstrate the use of positive coping skills under stress.

We have assessed PeriopSim against accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0 and in the US,  Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. While we do not explicitly remove capabilities, the majority of criteria are excluded based on the above requirements as either fundamentally altering the purpose of PeriopSim (for example; timing responses) or placing an undue burden on the product to meet criteria which its users are not expected to require. We have, however, compiled a list of criteria which we believe are relevant to PeriopSim including its support for People without Perception of Color (also known as Color Blind).

PeriopSim maintains a Voluntary Product Accessibility Report (as per VPAT 2.4) which can be supplied on request to our Support Team but is summarized below.

Criteria (WCAG2.0) Web Portal  Experience Clients Web Client Support

1.4.1 (A) Use of Color

Yes  Yes Yes Yes
2.3.1 (A) Three Flashes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.3.1 (A) Error Identification Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.3.2 (A) Labels/Instructions Yes Yes Yes Yes
1.4.3 (AA) Contrast (Minimum) Partial Partial Partial Partial
2.4.6 (AA) Headings/Labels Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.2.3 (AA) Consistent Navigation Yes N/A Yes Yes
3.2.4 (AA) Consistent Identification Yes N/A Yes Yes
3.3.3 (AA) Error Suggestion Partial Yes Yes Yes
3.3.4 (AA) Error Prevention Partial N/A Yes Yes

As of PeriopSim Learning System 2022.2 dated June 2022