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Installing PeriopSim for a Windows PC

PeriopSim is now available for MS Windows PCs. This article has instructions on where to download from and how to install the application.

PeriopSim for MS Windows 10 can be downloaded from PeriopSim for Windows(UWP)
For earlier Windows releases or to use MSI based installation see Installing for Windows 7+

Microsoft Windows Store and S-Mode. If you get re-directed to the Windows Store your PC night be running in S-Mode (or Store Mode). This is an optional mode which only allows applications to be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store. 

For further information see Using Windows in S-Mode

Enable Sideloading (needs only to be down once):
  1. To enable Side Loading - open Settings - Update & Security
  2. Open For Developers  - this does not open your machine to all applications
  3. Select Sideload apps - this enables signed, trusted apps from non-Store sources  but you still have control over the installation. You DO NOT need to enable Developer mode.
Installation: The process for installing is similar to other types of applications you might install.
  1. Download the appxbundle file  - normally arrives in your Downloads folder.
  2. Double Click the file to launch the installer.
  3. Check the Installer shows the app is from Conquer Experience and if desired select Launch when complete.

      Getting an account: 

      • If you have already used another PeriopSim application e.g. iPad the same account login gives you access.
      • If you need a new account and have not been assigned one by your educator then request access via your educator and that way your access and account will be linked to your facility subscription.
      • If you are just trying PeriopSim and wish to register for a Free account and use the Preview content you can do so via the Register button.

      Educators - as with the other PeriopSim applications it is best that you invite your Learners via their business emails as this prevent unnecessary confusion over whether or not an Learner account exists and does it have access to the subscription. 

      First Run: Now that the application is downloaded and installed you can move onto to first use.  

      1. To access the PeriopSim content use the Login button along with your email and password.
      2. Select Single Player mode unless instructed otherwise.
      3. Modules must be downloaded before being used for the first time. Afterwards they are cached for future use including while offline.
      4. Modules to be downloaded have a Cloud symbol which changes to a Play symbol when downloaded and ready for use.

      If you or your Learners have any issues setting up, have them send an email to support@periopsim.com with details of what they are experiencing and we'll connect with them directly to get setup.