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Installing PeriopSim from Google Play Store for Android Tablets

PeriopSim is now available for Android Tablets from the Google Play Store. This article has instructions on where to download from and how to install the application


PeriopSim is being distributed on Google Play Store. You may require permissions or a security setting from your machine Administrator or  IT department to install applications from the Google Play Store.

Installation: The process for installing is similar to other types of applications you might install.

  1. Search the Google Play Store for "PeriopSim" or

  2. When it returns with the search results click PeriopSim by Conquer Experience Inc and select Install.
  3. Upon confirming the application will be installed.

Getting an account: 

  • If you have already used another PeriopSim application e.g. iPad the same account login gives you access.
  • If you need a new account and have not been assigned one by your educator then request access via your educator and that way your access and account will be linked to your facility subscription.
  • If you are just trying PeriopSim and wish to register for a Free account and use the Preview content you can do so via the Register button.

Educators - as with the other PeriopSim applications it is best that you invite your Learners via their business emails as this prevent unnecessary confusion over whether or not an Learner account exists and does it have access to the subscription. 

First Run: now that the application is downloaded and installed you can move onto to first use.

  1. To access the PeriopSim content use the Login button along with your email and password.
  2. Select Single Player mode unless instructed otherwise.
  3. Modules must be downloaded before being used for the first time. Afterwards they are cached for future use including while offline.
  4. Modules to be downloaded have a Cloud symbol which changes to a Play symbol when downloaded and ready for use.

If you or your Learners have any issues setting up, have them send an email to support@periopsim.com with details of what they are experiencing and we'll connect with them directly to get setup.