HTC Focus 3 MAC Address Whitelisting

For enterprise networks, some network firewalls may require adding a device's MAC address to its trusted device list. Follow these steps for whitelisting the HTC VIVE Focus 3 to an enterprise network

  1. Locate/record the device’s MAC address (Settings > General > About > Headset Status). If the MAC address says “Unavailable” or seems to have changed after a device update, you will need to identify the MAC address under the WiFi network that the headset is connected to. 
  2. If the headset is logged into a network already, forget the current WiFi network that the headset is experiencing connectivity issues on. To forget the network, select the network and click on the button that says “Forget”. 
  3. Identify the desired WiFi network and BEFORE you confirm the connection, configure the headset's MAC address via the "Advanced Options" menu.  
  4. This can be found by navigating to Connectivity -> WiFi 2.4/5/6 Ghz -> Click on your WiFi network -> At the bottom of the screen click on "Advanced Options". Scroll down the page and expand the privacy drop down menu where you will find the MAC address options. Select "Use Device MAC" address instead of the default "Randomized MAC address".  Proceed to join the desired network once this change has been made. 
  5. Now the "Used Device MAC" address is the "native" device Mac address
  6. Add the device's static MAC address in the applicable firewall admin (Trusted Device) page
  7. Verify the device is now connected via Wi-Fi.