As a Learner, how do I view my Competency Levels?

As you perform PeriopSim Experiences, your competency level will be continually updated in the "My Progress" tab

It is important to note that Learner competency is based on the last 3 playthroughs of an experience. The competency levels are based on accuracy, speed of delivery, and anticipation.


Each specialty can be expanded and collapsed to view the different experience modules. In the column labeled "Level" you will see your current competency level. Since competency levels are calculated on the last three playthrough, your competency levels will fluctuate between playthroughs. Here is a summary on what the competency levels mean - 
  • "D" shows sufficient playthroughs but is assessed as inaccurate
  • "C" shows accurate passing the majority of the time but with slow delivery
  • "B" shows accurate passing with on time delivery but lacking anticipation
  • "A" requires all instruments to be passed correctly combined with a positive anticipation time

For more detailed information, click on the question mark at the top of the "Level" column to learn more about learner competency levels.

The column labeled "Experience Count" is meant to provide guidance on your performance in relation to how many times a module has been performed. The Experience count will never go over 3.