How do I check the room for obstacles?

HP Windows Headset has a feature to let you see the room while in the headset - Windows Mixed Reality Flashlight.

To scan a room for obstacles or simple to re-orientate the HP VR headset has a feature called Windows Mixed Reality Flashlight.

This can be turned on by using:

  1. While in VR press the Windows button on a controller to active the menu and select Flashlight on/off
  2. Quick link - Press Windows and Grip button together bypasses menu.
  3. When active the headset display la low-latency passthrough, black and white physical room view wherever the controller "Flashlight" is pointed.

When in PeriopSim you can check for obstacles in a particular OR layout and back table using the Flashlight feature and checking the range of free motion and if your hand will physically hit an object.