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My learners have been doing PeriopSim experiences but the data is not showing in the Educator Portal

Data for experiences are missing

In order for the data to appear in the educator portal, 3 things must be completed:

1) Only completed experiences generate data.

The experiences must be played through to the end and the debrief screen displayed.

If you cancel or abort an experience no data is generated.

2) The data needs to be uploaded to the Educator Portal.

The client the experience was played on needs to be connected to the internet to upload the data.

While you do not have to have internet during the playing of an experience you need internet to download experiences and for the experience results to be uploaded to the servers.  The results from experiences when there is no internet connectivity are stored until internet connectivity is available.

To determine if the device can access the servers which are part the Educator Portal you can use a browser on the client to access the Educator Portal directly by going to https://accounts.periopsim.com. If you cannot access the Educator Portal it may be due to no network connectivity or a local IT access policy and you may need to check with your IT department.

Experience results are generally uploaded to the servers at the end of an experience (post-debrief) or at application startup.

If the device has good connectivity but you believe it still has experiences that have not been uploaded you can force to to upload by:

  1. Logout out of PeriopSim application
  2. Completely shutdown the application i.e. do not just close it as it may only go into background mode.
  3. Relaunch application and login
  4. Any data should now be uploaded.

3) If using Reports, the date filters must include the experience.

The reports in the Educator Portal have filters. The default starting values are  Last Month (approximately 30 days) , all learners, all bundles and all types. Check that the filters you have selected include the date and type of experiences you are looking for. 

If you believe you have tried all of these and still cannot see the data please contact our Support team via at support@periopsim.com