Dashboard Simulated Clinical Experiences

The PeriopSim Simulated Clinical Experiences Dashboard is a quick way for an educator to see if learners are completing their assigned simulations

This simulated clinical experiences dashboard, located below the PeriopSim Competency Levels Dashboard menu, provides an easy reference for an Educator to view the amount of times that learners are completing assigned simulations. 

If there are multiple subscriptions in your account, you will first need to click on the "Select Subscription" drop down menu to choose the subscription you would like to view. To view the experience modules within the different specialties, click on the arrow next to the surgical specialty to expand and collapse the menus. 

Once a surgical specialty has been expanded, the simulated clinical experiences menu will display the number of times an experience has been completed by a learner.  You can also filter down by using the “Clear All” button then selecting the numerical color codes. Click the “Display All” button to toggle back to the original dashboard view.

The numerical color codes correlate with the average amount of times it takes a learner to reach a certain competency level. On average, an a competency level takes at least seven play throughs of an experience. These averages are based on periodic assessments of analyzed data from PeriopSim usage across the platform. Similar to the learner competency menu above, an educator can use the same color coded filters to view their learner's performance.

It is important that the educator views this dashboard within two weeks since the performance data will fall off after this time outside of the two week reporting window, the number of times a learner has completed an experience can be viewed using the reports tab.

It is recommended for Educators to set up weekly report emails which can be found in your account profile. All of the dashboard info for each week will be delivered straight to your inbox.

If you have more questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.