Dashboard Competency Levels and Assessments

The PeriopSim Dashboard provides a detailed view of your learner's competency levels across all experiences

The dashboard menu provides a quick reference view of learner progress and competency level. As learners proceed through experiences within the PeriopSim app, their performance will update to the dashboard.

If there are multiple subscriptions in your account, you will first need to click on the “Select Subscription” drop down menu to choose the subscription you would like to view.

To view the experience modules within the different specialties, click on the arrow next to the surgical specialty to expand and collapse the menu in order to view the experiences. You can also filter the dashboard competency levels to view all of the students that have achieved a certain grade by using the “Clear All” button then selecting the desired color coded competency level. Click the “Display All” button to toggle back to the original dashboard view.

It is important to understand that a learner needs to complete an experience at least three times before their assessment can begin to change from incomplete (Inc). A learner's competency level is ALWAYS based on a running assessment of the last three playthroughs of an experience. It is highly recommended to have your learners complete an experience a minimum of 5-10 times. 

  • "D" shows sufficient playthroughs but is assessed as inaccurate
  • "C" shows accurate passing the majority of the time but with slow delivery
  • "B" shows accurate passing with on time delivery but lacking anticipation
  • "A" requires all instruments to be passed correctly combined with a positive anticipation time

Never events in PeriopSim VR such as dropping an instrument or the dropping of hands below the sterile field will result in the learner's assessment immediately being downgraded to an incomplete (Inc). For more detailed information on learner competency levels, click the small question mark icon on the dashboard page to take you to the PeriopSim support site page “What are the learner competency levels?

If you have more questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.