Dashboard Account Statistics

The purpose of the PeriopSim Dashboard is to provide Educators a quick snapshot of the account's high level statistics.

The dashboard contains account statistics along with a week by week usage comparison chart. Account Stats are calculated from the earliest active subscription within the account. 

Simulation hours are the total elapsed time spent in PeriopSim, and productivity increase is the amount of time that it would have taken in real life. Ten minutes of simulation training in PeriopSim is equivalent to approximately one real time hour in the OR, making PeriopSim up to six times faster.

The productivity increase is equal to the simulation hours multiplied by six. To calculate the total value received, we multiply the productivity increase by the average hourly cost of preceptors and other related training expenses. This amount will vary by region and facility.

Directly beneath the account stats, you will find the current week's activity data along with the previous week's activity. This data includes combined information for educators and learners.

If you have more questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.