As a Learner how do I login?

As a Learner there are number of ways to gain access to the subscribed content on PeriopSim.

Free Trial Accounts - by entering your email and creating an account you can access some free trial content which demonstrates both instrument learning as well as the use of those instruments in the context of a surgical procedure. See Create-a-Free-Trial-Account

Individual Accounts - if you have already created an account or have received access via a subscription you can login on the main screen. See Login-to-Existing-Account

Shared Devices - if you have access to a shared device you will be able to login in within your individual PIN. See Login-in-to-a-Shared-iPad

LMS or Research Accounts - if you have a subscription via an LMS or Research project you will have been assigned a personal QR code for access. On the main screen you can activate the onboard iPad QR scanner to gain access. See Login-using-a-QR-code